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North America’s pioneer and expert in treating an enlarged prostate with UroLift

Why do patients from around the country visit Dr. Gange?

  • He has performed over 800 UroLift Procedures in his career and performs around 20 procedures per month
  • He was the first urologist in North America to perform the UroLift Procedure in March 2011.
  • He continues to be active as a Clinical Researcher and as such was the first Urologist in North America to perform the NeoTract UroLift for BPH, and the first in the world to perform UroLift under local anesthesia.
  • Over 25 years of clinical and research experience, with an expertise in Men’s Health Urology.
  • Dr. Steven Gange has lectured on BPH and UroLift at several national professional meetings and has co-authored several of the pivotal UroLift papers in the Urology literature.


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If you have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or BPH, it is important to know all your options before seeking treatment. Highly-experienced urological surgeon, Steven Gange, MD is a board-certified urologist with many years of experience with the UroLift System.

Contact Steven Gange, MD today at (801) 997-6292 to discuss any questions you have about the UroLift® System.

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4.9 Stars

19 Reviews | Average Rating: 4.9

5 Stars

I think that Dr. Gange was very informative and helpful. He was able to help me in my situation.
5 Stars

Dr. Gange is a brilliant doctor. He is straight forward and to the point.
5 Stars

Great experience! Dr. Gange is very knowledgeable and was able to quickly diagnose my problem and recommend a sound plan to get me back to healthy!
5 Stars

Dr. Gange is awesome!! I went to him because I have BPH and the medication I was taking for it made me feel drowsy and kind of sick. Dr. Gange recommended that I consider having the Urolift procedure done. Because I am only 57 years old I wasn’t too sure about it and thought I should wait till I’m in my 60’s, but as time went on and I saw that I can’t live this way anymore, I decided to go ahead and have this procedure done. Dr. Gange was very attentive and is very knowledgeable. He is a problem solver and knows the solution to this problem. He has done over 1000 Urolifts and he knows what he’s doing. He did a great job for me cause I feel great!! It has been three months now and I really am so happy I did this. I don’t have to rush to the bathroom all the time, and I just feel like I used to when I was much younger when I didn’t have to go to the bathroom constantly to empty my bladder. Another huge consideration was that leaving it for later would have ruined my bladder. Many people are not aware of that but BPH eventually hardens the wall of the bladder and can permanently ruin it so, I went ahead in order to save it from that. Anyway, I highly recommend Dr. Gange!
5 Stars

Two months since UroLift by Dr. Gange. So happy I did this. 100% Improvement. I’ve sent three friends there so far. This is a game-changing technology.
5 Stars

I can't tell you how happy I was to find Dr. Steven Gange. Not only is he a great doctor with a great bedside manner, he listened to my issues and my symptoms carefully. He told me about all the options for my BPH, including Urolift. My wife and I discussed it and I decided to go for the Urolift. Dr, Gange explained the procedure very well, then gave me a ton of literature to read up on it. As well as information on what to expect after the procedure. This had to be the best results from a procedure that was so minimally invasive, that I ever have had. It did sting a bit during the procedure but had the option of having "laughing gas" during the whole thing. It stung, but the gas made me not care about it. After a few days of recovery, I started to feel better. After a week, I felt good. By two weeks, I felt like I was 18 again! I wish I had done it a lot sooner. All those years of suffering with BPH. I.E. Weak stream, never able to empty my bladder all the way, and frequent urination. Those are all gone now. My quality of life went up a bunch of points! I am grateful for Dr. Gange and his wonderful procedure that made me feel like myself again.
5 Stars

I recently had the UROLIFT procedure done by Dr Gange and his Staff . They were very profesional and thoughtful and the procedure went very well. I have shown a big improvement in 3 weeks time. I'm grateful to all his staff for their good work. I would recommend them to others.
5 Stars

Prior to completing a "urolift" procedure, Dr. Gange had multiple visits with scrupulous protocols to assess the current condition of my urinary tract system and need for improvement. I was shocked to learn that I had to exert 170 pounds of pressure on my bladder while the normal pressure is 40 pounds. He helped me understand this straining leads to deterioration of the bladder wall. So, I opted for the urolift, which was covered by Aetna, and the results have been outstanding. Twenty years of restricted flow, multiple visits to the toilet at night, and straining all went away. Dr. Gange is a very engaging person who listens and patiently answers questions. I had a suggestion after completing the procedure, which he immediately accepted and implemented into his practice -- I find that very praiseworthy in a doctor who is committed to the highest quality care. I will always be grateful I heard of this procedure and that I completed it. It is remarkable how much better I feel about my health and appreciate Dr. Gange for making himself expert in this very personal, but essential activity in men's daily lives.
5 Stars

Dr. Gange has been great to work with. The urolift was a godsend. Things are so much better now. Would recommend to anyone with an enlarged prostate.
5 Stars

Dr. Gange is exceptionally experienced. If you come upon his resume you gain insight to his contributions towards the latest developments in his field, his love of teaching others what he has learned, and of his dedicated care to improving the lives of his patients. All this highlighted by a devoted skilled staff whose professionalism and personableness helped allay my anxieties of the medical procedures performed by Dr Gange that have elevated my quality of life in my ‘golden’ years.
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I have seen Dr. Gange for a number of years and developed the typical symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. During my annual urologist visit, Dr. Gange laid out my options. After doing some personal research, I elected to have the Urolift procedure performed by Dr. Gange on an outpatient basis.

The procedure was uncomfortable but not particularly painful compared to other surgeries I have had. Recovery was relatively quick and I was back at work after two days of rest.

I did experience some significant discomfort associated with urination but was counseled that I was not drinking enough water. Once I increased my consumption of water, most of the discomfort went away and I was back to normal after about two weeks.

In the wake of the surgery, the urgency to urinate has gone away. The interval between trips to the bathroom has lengthened significantly such that I usually get up to urinate only once each night and sometimes not at all.

Having talked with others who have had more drastic prostate surgery, I feel that the Urolift procedure was much less stressful and the results were as hoped for.