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Why patients from around the country visit Dr. Gange?

  • He has performed over 500 Urolift Procedures in his career and performs around 20 procedures per month
  • He was the first urologist to perform the Urolift Procedure in March 2011.
  • He continues to be active as a Clinical Researcher and as such was the first Urologist in North America to perform the NeoTract UroLift for BPH, and the first in the world to perform UroLift under local anesthesia.
  • Over 25 years of clinical and research experience, with an expertise in Men’s Health Urology.
  • Dr. Gange has lectured on BPH and UroLift at several national professional meetings and has co-authored several of the pivotal UroLift papers in the Urology literature.

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If you have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or BPH, it is important to know all your options before seeking treatment. Highly-experienced urological surgeon, Steven Gange, MD is a board-certified urologist with many years of experience with the Urolift System.

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4.9 Stars

10 Reviews | Average Rating: 4.9

5 Stars

Dr. Gange is exceptionally experienced. If you come upon his resume you gain insight to his contributions towards the latest developments in his field, his love of teaching others what he has learned, and of his dedicated care to improving the lives of his patients. All this highlighted by a devoted skilled staff whose professionalism and personableness helped allay my anxieties of the medical procedures performed by Dr Gange that have elevated my quality of life in my ‘golden’ years.
5 Stars

Four years of prostate urinating problems culminated one Sunday morning (while in church) in the most excruciating pain I had experience to that point. A quick trip to St. Marks emergency...where a catheter insertion finally brought relief! Follow up instructions were to see Dr. Steve Gange "first thing tomorrow morning." I will always be thankful for that instruction. He performed his Urolift 'magic' on me ...and for the first time (in years it seems) urinating now is much as it seemed in my youth. (Sorry there's only 5 Stars to thank him and his staff at his Summit Urology Group)
5 Stars

When my BPH symptoms became so bothersome as to constitute an unbearable annoyance, as were the side affects of prescribed medications, I began to search for another option. Most surgical options had their own undesirable side effects. Even ablation procedures were pretty invasive and required catheterization for an unacceptable period of time. When I discovered the Urolift, it seemed to be the perfect solution, but I found that every practitioner I contacted insisted on performing the procedure under general anesthesia with it’s concomitant intubation and ICU recovery. Not to mention the gross immodesty of the lithotomy position in an operating room full of strangers. Plus, it seemed like unnecessary overkill for a procedure that itself is completed in less than five minutes.

In searching the Internet I came across the name of Dr. Steven Gange who was one of the principal investigators in the clinical trials that lead to FDA approval of the Urolift procedure. I tracked him down and found he was a practicing Urologist in Salt Lake City. I e-mailed him outlining my concerns and he promptly responded explaining that he performs the procedure under local anesthesia exclusively and that the work-up and procedure itself could be handled in his office with complete accommodation of any modesty issues I might have.

I was so impressed, I flew from the East Coast to Salt Lake City, had the qualifying work-up done on Monday, the procedure on Tuesday and was on a plane home Thursday morning. The results were as promised and I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gange and Summit Urology.


5 Stars

I had my Urolift one month ago. It has improved my urinary problems in a dramatic way. The procedure was more painful than expected but worth it. I still have some problems when I sheep but it is improving every day. Sexual function has improved to normal. I highly recommend Urolift for BPH. I think with time my body will relearn I don't have the blockage I had and adjust for the better. Thank you Dr Gange

5 Stars

I had the UroLift procedure 3 days ago. At this time there is no discomfort, and the advantages of this procedure are already evident.
Dr. Gange was very informative about the procedure, and he was extremely straitforward with the facts about the UroLift.
Dr. Gange and his entire staff were very caring and professional throughout the procedure and followup care.

5 Stars

UroLift has been life changing. I'll be forever grateful for Dr Gange's research and adoption of this technique. His approach to my evaluation and treatment was professional and compassionate.

4 Stars

PCP-referred patient of Dr. Gange for about 3 yrs now. No problems; good care, fine Dr. doing "good medicine," good office.

After doing personal "due diligence" research, had Dr. G's recommended "Urolift" (which he helped develop) done 20 mo. ago as soon as procedure received Medicare + Tricare For Life approval. OTHER than the procedure being a lot(!) more painful than told to expect, it went well he & I are pleased with results.

OVERALL? Glad my PCP sent me "Gange & Co." Good urology clinic to grow old with 🙂

5 Stars

I started to develop symptoms of BPH while in my thirties. After visiting one urologist and trying some therapies that did not do anything to relieve my symptoms, and generally not having a very good experience with that doctor, I gave up for a couple of years and waited as my symptoms seemed to get worse. After this time I started to do some research in order to find a new urologist to visit. After reading reviews for Dr. Gange, which were all excellent, and reading about how he is continually involved in research and searching for new techniques to improve his field, I decided to try Dr. Gange out. I was not disappointed. Dr. Gange is very knowledgeable, listens to the patient, is easily accessible, and studies the patients' issues fitting the treatment to the patient. From my first visit with Dr. Gange I immediately had confidence in him as an urologist. We tried a few medicinal treatments for my symptoms and discussed the various options out there for remedy. Due to my younger age he did not want to move forward with some of the traditional procedures out there just yet. As such, I continued with medicinal therapies until we determined that they were not doing what was needed. After doing a cystocopy and adding that to the understanding of my issues, Dr. Gange introduced me to the UroLift as a possible option. After much discussion and some research on my own we determined that this would be a good way to proceed. This option seemed the best as it was less invasive, quicker recovery, did not have the same side effects as other treatments, and was a good option for my age and current stage in life. After some struggles with insurance, which Dr. Gange assisted with wherever possible, I eventually proceeded with the UroLift procedure. I have had phenomenal success with the UroLift so far. Pretty much all of my symptoms of BPH have gone away. The procedure itself was certainly uncomfortable, but the fact that it was outpatient and I did not have to be put under was excellent. After a couple of days of recovery and following the instructions of the Doctor my symptoms improved dramatically. I am very happy with the UroLift procedure as it has resolved pretty much all of my issues. Dr. Gange is an excellent Doctor and still does follow up in order to make sure that everything is going well. I am grateful that I found Dr. Gange and he recommended UroLift, I am convinced that if I would have gone with another doctor I would still have the symptoms that I had and would be facing a hard choice of procedures to try and resolve it, and that in the end were not great options for me. I would have never had UroLift as an option without a forward leaning doctor like Dr. Gange.

Travis, Salt Lake City

5 Stars

I have seen Dr. Gange for a number of years and developed the typical symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. During my annual urologist visit, Dr. Gange laid out my options. After doing some personal research, I elected to have the Urolift procedure performed by Dr. Gange on an outpatient basis.

The procedure was uncomfortable but not particularly painful compared to other surgeries I have had. Recovery was relatively quick and I was back at work after two days of rest.

I did experience some significant discomfort associated with urination but was counseled that I was not drinking enough water. Once I increased my consumption of water, most of the discomfort went away and I was back to normal after about two weeks.

In the wake of the surgery, the urgency to urinate has gone away. The interval between trips to the bathroom has lengthened significantly such that I usually get up to urinate only once each night and sometimes not at all.

Having talked with others who have had more drastic prostate surgery, I feel that the Urolift procedure was much less stressful and the results were as hoped for.


5 Stars

As a physician I did quite a bit of research before I made a decision regarding which procedure to choose to address my BPH symptoms. I wasn't able to tolerate medicinal therapy so some form of an invasive procedure was the next step. I am so grateful that I learned about the UroLift option and even more grateful that I met Dr. Gange who performed the procedure on me with care and expertise. I did not experience any major problems and the results are even better than I could have hoped for both with respect to significant improvement in my urinary symptoms and no problems with sexual function. I'm grateful that this option was available and that Dr. Gange was the physician who was the one who performed the procedure.