Penis Girth Enhancement in Salt Lake City

Introducing Penuma, the first FDA-cleared Penile Implant for Cosmetic Enhancement

Penuma® will be available soon in the Greater Salt Lake City Area by Dr’s Steven Gange and Will Brant.

Although fat injections and tissue enhancers have been used by some plastic surgeons in the past to augment the girth of the penis, in many instances the results have been short-lived or not cosmetically pleasing. The Penuma implant was developed by world-renowned urologists, specifically to address this problem and now Penuma has been successfully implanted in thousands of men since 2004.

In case you are curious, the average erect penis is about five inches long and four and a half inches in circumference, according to a 1996 Journal of Urology study. Yet by one estimate, nearly half of all men think their packages are smaller than average.  Although bigger is not better, many men have legitimate reasons to seek help, such as testosterone deficiency during puberty, obesity, hormonal deficiencies, genetics, etc. Whatever the cause, it’s hardly news that men are concerned about the relative size of their penis and what that size says about them, physically but also socially.

Beyond its sexual function, the penis plays an undeniable function in the confidence of men in all cultures and races.  The same way women seek plastic surgery to enhance their breast size and shape, and other cosmetic work, men have sought ways to improve their bedroom appeal.

How does Penuma work?

Penuma is a crescent shaped silicone penile implant that is placed by expert penile implant specialists via a tiny incision less than one inch above the penis.  The implant is placed over the length of the penis top and envelopes the penis.  The procedure takes less than 45 minutes in an outpatient surgery center.

penuma implant sizes

The effects of the procedure are immediate. The Penuma implant does not add length to the penis but the flaccid penis will appear longer as the implant causes the penis to hang more prominently. Penile girth will be significantly enlarged by approximately one and a half inches.  Patience is required during the healing process – no sex for at least six weeks – but once healed, the enhancement is essentially permanent and basically undetectable.

When implanted, Penuma is natural looking, reversible, and does not interfere with penile function.  It does not make erections or sensations better or worse.  It is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction but Penuma is one of the most effective ways to improve the overall look of the penis.

Long-term safety data examining results for 400 patients shows that the Penuma penile implant has a low rate of complications with the most common adverse events being seroma, scar formation, infection, temporary loss of sensitivity, and superficial skin ulceration. However, since each patient is unique, Dr Gange or Brant will discuss your individual circumstances along with all of risks and benefits associated with your case during your appointment.

Penile Implant Features

  • Significant, permanent cosmetic enhancements to the penis
  • Natural Looking
  • Reversible
  • No interference with penile function
  • No blockage of, or interference with, the urethra (e.g., for future cystoscopy)
  • The implant is contoured by the surgeon to your individual size
  • Manufactured in the US by an ISO-certified, FDA-registered facility

Operative and Post-Operative Features

  •  Short, outpatient procedure (i.e., 45-60 minutes)
  • No incisions or scar formation on the penis
  • Short recovery time (i.e., patient return to routine daily activities within 2-4 days)
  • Strong track record of effectiveness and patient and partner satisfaction
  • Low adverse event rate on par with silicone implants for other anatomical regions (e.g., calf, buttock, chin)
  • Can be performed before or after a penile prosthesis procedure for the treatment of erectile dysfunction


What Men are Saying About the Penuma Procedure


Penuma® Penis Enlargement FAQ

What is the Science Behind the Penuma® Implant?

The Penuma® implant was invented in the early 2000s and subsequently received 510(k) clearance. A large clinical study and several case studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the Penuma® implant. Adverse events were found to be low and on par with other silicone implant options.

What Size is the Penuma® Implant?

The implant is contoured by Dr. Gange to your individual shape. He will determine the appropriate size for you.

What is the Penuma® Implant Made of?

The Penuma® implant is made of soft, medical-grade silicone to provide a natural feel. The implant contains no liquid or gels.

Where is the Penuma® Implant Manufactured?

The Penuma® implant is manufactured in the United States at an ISO-certified, FDA-registered facility.

What are the Benefits and Risks of the Implant?

As with any surgery, there are potential benefits and potential risks. An IRB-approved, retrospective clinical study found that patients experienced high levels of satisfaction with the implant and increased levels of self-confidence as a result of the implant. There were a very small number of adverse events reported (e.g., infection in 3% of cases and seroma in 5% of cases) and often due to patient non-compliance with post-operative instructions. Therefore, it is imperative that patients follow all post-operative instructions. You can read more about this clinical study in this medical journal article here. The medical staff will discuss all possible risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, with patients prior to the procedure.

So How Much Does the Penuma® Implant Cost?

Pricing is based on the individual circumstances of potential patients. Patients consider the implant to be a long-term investment in their well being. Please note that we work with several financing companies to ensure that the implant can be cost-effective.

Does the Penuma® Implant Affect My Ability to Get/Sustain an Erection, Sensitivity During Sex and Ejaculation?

Based on an IRB-approved clinical review of 400 patients over 5 years, there were NO cases of changes to penile function, ability to get or sustain an erection, ejaculation, or sensation during sex. As with any surgical procedure, individual results may vary.

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New Patient Appointment Request

I have seen Dr. Gange for a number of years and developed the typical symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. During my annual urologist visit, Dr. Gange laid out my options. After doing some personal research, I elected to have the Urolift procedure performed by Dr. Gange on an outpatient basis.

The procedure was uncomfortable but not particularly painful compared to other surgeries I have had. Recovery was relatively quick and I was back at work after two days of rest.

I did experience some significant discomfort associated with urination but was counseled that I was not drinking enough water. Once I increased my consumption of water, most of the discomfort went away and I was back to normal after about two weeks.

In the wake of the surgery, the urgency to urinate has gone away. The interval between trips to the bathroom has lengthened significantly such that I usually get up to urinate only once each night and sometimes not at all.

Having talked with others who have had more drastic prostate surgery, I feel that the Urolift procedure was much less stressful and the results were as hoped for.