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Vasectomy in Salt Lake City, UT

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a simple micro-surgical procedure that involves blocking the tubes (vas deferens) that sperm uses to flow into the semen. This results in making a man permanently sterile. It is a procedure that should be considered thoughtfully since it does eliminate a man’s potential for reproduction.

Dr. Gange will use a scalpel to create two small incisions on either side of the scrotum. He will remove a small section of the vas deferens. The tubes are tied, or cauterized so that they are closed and can no longer transport sperm.

The Procedure

The procedure is about 20-30 minutes and is done in the following steps:

  1. The testicles are shaved and cleaned with an antiseptic
  2. Some men are given medicine to reduce anxiety or to induce drowsiness
  3. Dr. Gange detects the vas deferens by touch
  4. Local anesthetic is injected
  5. Dr. Gange will make small openings in the scrotum and cut the vas deferens. The vas deferens end is then tied, stitched or sealed
  6. The vas deferens is then replaced and the scrotum is closed with stitches

After the procedure, the body continues to produce sperm that are absorbed into the bloodstream. Because the body continues to produce sperm, vasectomies are considered to be reversible.

Recovery After the Procedure

Immediately following a vasectomy, there will be bruising and swelling, but those symptoms should subside after a few days. Apply ice packs every few hours to help control these symptoms. Wear tight-fitting underwear so that the scrotum is provided extra support.

Get plenty of bed rest during the first week. At the very least, stay off of your feet for two or three days. Avoid bathing for about 48 hours because this will allow the incisions to heal faster and prevent infection. Take the antibiotics that your doctor provides.

Most patients are able to return to their normal lives after one week.

Sex After a Vasectomy

Wait at least one week before having sexual intercourse. Keep in mind, you may not be sterile right away. Ejaculate may still contain sperm and may continue to for several months after the procedure. After a few months, the doctor will check sperm levels to confirm that it is declining until it reaches zero.

The vasectomy will not affect your sex drive and orgasms. Occasionally, men feel a slight pressure in their testicles when aroused, but eventually, that feeling will go away.

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I have seen Dr. Gange for a number of years and developed the typical symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. During my annual urologist visit, Dr. Gange laid out my options. After doing some personal research, I elected to have the Urolift procedure performed by Dr. Gange on an outpatient basis.

The procedure was uncomfortable but not particularly painful compared to other surgeries I have had. Recovery was relatively quick and I was back at work after two days of rest.

I did experience some significant discomfort associated with urination but was counseled that I was not drinking enough water. Once I increased my consumption of water, most of the discomfort went away and I was back to normal after about two weeks.

In the wake of the surgery, the urgency to urinate has gone away. The interval between trips to the bathroom has lengthened significantly such that I usually get up to urinate only once each night and sometimes not at all.

Having talked with others who have had more drastic prostate surgery, I feel that the Urolift procedure was much less stressful and the results were as hoped for.